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Messaging Hook Gets People to Listen
Clear and Compelling Messaging Hook

Your Message is the Hook that Gets People to Listen

Your Brand Message is a boiled down version of your Brand Story. Concise and clear, it’s the bridge between your brand and all the content you create.

It synthesizes everything about your brand and boils it down to your offer. It identifies your customer's pain point and describes what you do to create an emotionally satisfying outcome that shows what you can make possible.

When you dissect it, you’ll realize it’s written as a mini story because to make it compelling, it’s written with a story arc: problem, solution/offer, and a glimpse of a better future. That glimpse of a better future is important because it shows customers what life will look and feel like when they use your services. It taps into your customers’ deeper need to change their situation. It shows your customers, that with your guidance they can achieve what they’ve been desiring all along. And again, it provides the perfect answer to the pressing What’s In It for Me customer question.

Creating a compelling hook to have hard-hitting, head turning impact can be challenging. I can help



Messaging Hook: Hook 'em So They Listen

A hook that relies only on facts is boring! You know the: I help (target market) struggling with (the problem you solve) so you (the outcome you deliver). To get traction, you need to evoke an emotion.  Emotion triggers a nerve, piques curiosity, heightens desire — especially desire that’s been in people’s hearts and minds for a long time — and drives action. Action means conversions and sales. And that’s an ending where everyone lives happily ever after...where everyone wins because you’re serving your customer to make possible everything they’ve wanted for quite some time. And you get the business! It doesn’t get any better than that.


Your message needs to take the description of what you do to the next level. It must add some emotion to increase impact.


Your hook doesn’t simply end with I write your will. Instead, it’s ...and I give you peace of mind because you know your loved ones will be taken care of.


It’s not just that I plant flowers for you. It’s that I’ve made your property the most aesthetically beautiful in the neighborhood


It’s not just that you’re putting away money to grow you nest egg. It’s that you’ll be able to enjoy the lifestyle you want in retirement.

Creating a compelling hook answers your customer’s What’s In It For Me question.
A brand is a shorthand for your customer’s expectations. ...That expectation isn’t specific; it’s emotional. If you want to build a marketing asset, you need to invest in connection and other nontransferable properties. If people care, you’ve got a brand.
Seth Godin, This is Marketing

Here’s How We Roll



Ideas, words, and stories define your brand and it’s gotta be magnetic. We humanize it to form connections that build trust, lead to sales, and deepen relationships to create loyal fans.


Boil Down

Every offer needs a hook that describes what you make possible for your prospects and customers—and how that will make them feel.



Build Up

Content sets your customer experience in motion. Delivering educational, fun, and entertaining content that’s consistent and on-brand and grabs the attention of people who are curious and want to learn more about what you offer.

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My thorough research and attentive listening have given me the versatility to create strategy and content with companies in many industries.

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My broad network enables me to collaborate with vetted service providers who offer other specialized brand and marketing services.

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