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Barbara Mannino, Brand Strategist

Magnetize Your Brand

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Barbara MAnnino Brand Strategist

Brand: It’s More than Your Product or Service. It’s Your DNA

So you have a product or offer a service. Is that enough to make a brand? The answer: a resounding No. In fact, if you’re counting on your product or service offer alone to be the draw for your business, we’d have to say that you’re, well, brand-less. And that just doesn’t cut the mustard in today’s marketplace.

That’s right. Your brand is more that your product or service. It is your DNA. It’s the promise that you will provide good service. It’s the experience people have when they interact with your business. And it’s the experience that you intentionally create when they turn to you for service.

That experience grows out of your purpose, values, beliefs, and the talent that you have to make life better for the people you care about...your customers.

It tells them what they can expect from you...and how you get them and know what they’ve been dreaming about for a while now to make their lives better.

Things that they’ve been yearning for. Things that have been keeping them up at night.

It’s almost as if they’ve been looking for you all along.

You’ve just gotta show them that you’re there and do that in a magnetic way. You gotta show them that you’re the one to help make what they want possible.

But doing that is challenging. I can help, so that you end up with the best marketing asset you could ever want.

Brand Strategy:


Brand Strategist

Showing who you are is like unraveling a big ball of yarn. You have to keep pulling the thread to truly uncover the real you. What makes you tick. And that’s what’s required to shine light on your brand. It is, after all, your DNA and how you were willing to move heaven and earth to make your dreams come to life. Make the dreams of your prospects and customers come to life, too. It’s nothing short of intensely emotional...far more than the stats and history of your business. Important as that stuff is, the first step is defining your brand identity and making it so powerful that it has legs in the marketplace.

I want your brand to have legs in the marketplace.


How you want prospects and customers to perceive you.

A brand’s personality is the set of human characteristics you ascribe to your brand. It’s unique because it reflects you...only you. It inspires people who admire or hope to develop the You you reflect to connect with you.


How your brand personality shows up in everything you write, say, and do.

Brand voice is the personality your brand takes on in everything it communicates. It must be consistent...your website, your social, your blog, your emails...absolutely everywhere you communicate. And it can be funny, or serious, bold or gentle...whatever is unique to you.


What You and Your Company Stand For

Your brand values are the beliefs your company stands for.


It Shapes Your Identity

Brand storytelling personalizes, humanizes, and evokes an emotional response from your audience, fostering connections. Your Major Brand Story shows what inspired you to start your business, shows how you may have struggled, and then triumphed to overcome your challenges.

A brand is a shorthand for your customer’s expectations. ...That expectation isn’t specific; it’s emotional. If you want to build a marketing asset, you need to invest in connection and other nontransferable properties. If people care, you’ve got a brand.
Seth Godin, This is Marketing

Here’s How We Roll



Ideas, words, and stories define your brand and it’s gotta be magnetic. We humanize it to form connections that build trust, lead to sales, and deepen relationships to create loyal fans.


Boil Down

Every offer needs a hook that describes what you make possible for your prospects and customers—and how that will make them feel.



Build Up

Content sets your customer experience in motion. Delivering educational, fun, and entertaining content that’s consistent and on-brand and grabs the attention of people who are curious and want to learn more about what you offer.

Ready To Tell Your Story?

Branding Strategy


My thorough research and attentive listening have given me the versatility to create strategy and content with companies in many industries.

  • Financial Services
  • Health and Wellness
  • Law
  • Leadership
  • Lifestyle
  • Manufacturing

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Speaking
  • Technology
  • Talent Management
  • Various Crafts & Trade Industries

  • Company Naming
  • Web Development
  • SEO
  • Graphic Design

  • Video
  • Photography
  • Printing
  • Direct Mail Delivery Services

My broad network enables me to collaborate with vetted service providers who offer other specialized brand and marketing services.

Brands That Trust Me

Barbara has a very high level of emotional generosity and at her core is an extremely altruistic person. Those characteristics enable her to trigger her clients to immediately generate great ideas and tons of them! It’s like she has a key to your brain. She is the first person I go to when I need ideas for a speech because she has the ability to make everything so quick and easy.
Jean Herron, Jean Herron Design
Barbara Mannino
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