The Law Firm Revolution

By: Barbara Mannino and Clelia Pergola

The Law Firm Revolution - by Barbara Mannino  and Clelia PergolaLawyers often lose sight of the high-level legal work they must complete to resolve a case and get bogged down with too many administrative tasks. This tendency leads to inefficiencies that cause backlogs, missed deadlines and misplaced case files.

Clelia Pergola and Barbara Mannino understand the undue stress this creates in the workplace. To combat this dilemma, they have offered up a comprehensive set of solutions in their new book, The Law Firm Revolution, now available on Amazon.

Through their research and experience, they have identified the many ways that technology and innovative ideas are helping attorneys improve practice management and make their workdays more productive. Readers can choose from among standalone recommendations that address gap areas or opt for a wider range of solutions that cover many of the important bases in law as well as in business practice management.

They can also integrate the book’s suggestions wherever they are in their firm or organization’s life cycle. “It’s wise for all of us to routinely take a step back to reflect, evaluate and, if necessary, correct course,” says Barbara. “It’s never too late to get started.”

In The Law Firm Revolution, Clelia and Barbara have told a story that helps lawyers and the indispensable people who work with them how to enrich their firm’s culture, enhance its practice management, facilitate its growth and further the professional development of everyone on the team.


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