It’s true. A company recruiter may only give seconds of attention to the resume you’ve worked so hard to create. Your document may even be relegated to a few second keyword search via an applicant tracking scanner.

Manual or mechanical, those few seconds of review constitute precious time. There are likely hundreds of applicants applying for the same job. Your resume has to stand out. It has to get you through the door—not keep you out.

Preparing for your career search can be a daunting task whether you’re just starting out or changing jobs mid-career. Plan and process are important to success. So is brainstorming.  I can collaborate with you to craft documents that will highlight your career objectives, experience, and achievements as well as your capabilities for doing the job. 

My career services include the following:

  • Identifying/clarifying your career goals — Before even putting pen to paper, I’ll help you identify your career goals and the skills and preparation required to achieve them.  We'll discuss the way in which your past achievements align with your career path and the requirements of a specific position. Thought-provoking questions lead to open-ended dialogue that gets your juices flowing, bolsters confidence and helps to build boilerplate vocabulary for your resume, cover letter, personal profile and interview.
  • Your resume — Your resume is an outline of your success story and how it has readied you for where you're headed. Together we'll research and discuss your propective employer's company and the requirements of a job opening as preparation for writing the resume.
  • The cover letter — Far from a recap of the resume, the cover letter is customized to talk about you in a more conversational, personal way. It sheds light on your personality, values and attitude and how these characteristics will match up with a prospective employer’s company culture.
  • Social Media profile or bio — Our ongoing dialog will also help to create or tailor this content for your specific needs. Some companies also require these to accompany your application. Once hired, these serve well when a company wants/needs to include your bio on its company website. 
  • Follow-up conversations and/or tweaking — You and I are in touch throughout the process. Most likely, you will apply to several companies. We will work together to tailor your documents to each position.

If you need a boost to advance your career

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