Barbara Mannino Bio

What I Do

I am always looking to make a difference in people’s lives. Writing enables me to do that. I like to write stories that help readers learn more about an issue, raise their awareness or strike a chord.

My topics run the gamut. Career, leadership and workplace issues; education; personal finance; health care and wellness; lifestyle; technology; and women’s issues are among the subjects I frequently write about in the media.

Most recently I’ve been a regular contributor to Fox Business Network and have written articles that appeared in

Working as a ghostwriter, I’ve also created pieces that have appeared on Huffington Post as well as articles that have been published in several telecommunications trade magazines.

I also provided extensive coverage for Silk Purse Women on the workplace, finance, health and lifestyle issues women face.

Interviews with subject matter experts—among them entrepreneurs, executives in the corporate world, academics, doctors and medical professionals, lawyers, and human resource professionals—are crucial to my work. Many of these professionals come back to me with story ideas because they have been pleased with my past coverage.

I also digest as much background information and research information as I can. This process enables me to ask the right questions and turn out a well-balanced piece. Each story and each beat have helped me gain knowledge in many fields. These perspectives position me well to provide branded content to corporations and career services to individuals in fields such as health, education, law, finance, technology, longevity and aging, and entertainment.  

What I'm Proud Of

I’m particularly proud of the way sources say I’ve done my homework, researched well, listened attentively during an interview, paid attention to detail and actually read their book. I absolutely love finding the right words to convey an idea and know I’ve done my job when sources say I’ve nailed their message or that the way I’ve conveyed their perspective is totally on spot.

Where I've Hung My Hat

Following a stint in corporate America and in the early years of raising my kids, I worked for a weekly newspaper writing news and feature stories as well as a column. I rejoined corporate life as an editor covering financial services for A.M. Best’s Communications Division and wrote for financial services trades BestWeek and Best’s Review Magazine. I also contributed to Leader’s Edge and regional women’s publication Silk Purse Women.

On the corporate editorial side, I was a writer and editor for external and internal publications at TIAA-CREF, now TIAA, and BusinessEdge Solutions, part of EMC. 

I've also received several excellence in communications awards from the Garden State Journalism Association, the Life Communicators Association and the International Association of Business Communicators.

Barbara Mannino
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