In a world where information is constant
and content is king

there’s a need
           for great writers.

I’m a career writer with experience in
a diverse range of content in

Media, Marketing & Branding

In Media

I write for digital and print media
outlets where I create timely,
trending articles.

In Marketing

I write for Fortune 500 corporations,
mid-sized companies and small
businesses where I prepare
branded content for clients and internal communications.

In Personal Branding

I write for individuals who want to increase
their visibility, promote their personal brand
and advance in their professional lives.

Whether it’s media, marketing or
personal branding business…

Everyone has a story to tell…    
My job is to tell it.    


Businesses and consumers are always looking to news outlets for insightful stories that help them make the most out of their businesses, their careers and their everyday lives. My thorough research and interviews with quality sources lead to honest, balanced reporting and the social sharing that gets even more eyes on your content.


Content may be an essential asset for businesses today, but your primary job is to focus on your core business. You may not have enough time and sufficient resources to get out your story. Creating content is my core business. I can tell your story and share it on my social networks, showcasing your brand and thought leadership to new fans and followers.

Personal Branding

Your resume, cover letter and profile are important tools when job hunting or job hopping. But writing about yourself can be difficult. Identifying your accomplishments and aligning them to your career goals is important. I can help you build your success story so you stand out from the crowd.

Barbara Mannino
339 West Broad St #213
Westfield, NJ 07090